Book Review: February 2022

Book Review: February 2022

Ms. Seduction, February 2022's "Penhandler of the Month" had the opportunity to have one of her books reviewed, and she chose her 2021 late fall release, Himaholic Meets Mr. Wrong

Now, we all know she knows how to rake in the money many different ways, but can she actually write?   

YES! As you can see above, she received a Penhandler's Ink rating of: 3/5 Quills!

Himaholic Meets Mr. Wrong is Ms. Seduction's 2nd novel, and it is not as risque' as her first (Mistress Certified Throat G.O.A.T.). This novel takes the reader into the world of Jamilian Mevay, known to everyone around her as "Juicyee".  

Juicyee (Himaholic), is a young woman in her early twenties, and although she is young, she has experienced more "life" than she should have at her age. She is in a relationship with an abusive young man by the name of Ledaniion, and like many abused women, she tries to see the good in him while taking verbal, mental, emotional, and brutal physical abuse.

Ledaniion, cannot seem to treat Juicyee right, but he refuses to let her go because she holds a very interesting secret that connects him to her. Unbeknownst to her, he holds another secret that will soon turn her world upside down. 

Throughout the story, Ms. Seduction realistically details the abuse and mindset of the young woman who has a warped view of love. One day, after a very brutal beating from Ledaniion, she finds herself chatting with a mysterious man (Mr. Wrong) she meets on Facebook, and quickly falls head over heels for him. Shortly afterwards, she begins the back-and-forth toxicity with both men who bring more drama into her life than she can handle. As the plot thickens, murder, kidnapping, deceit, more abuse, and family secrets kept me on the edge of my seat anticipating what craziness Juicyee, Ledaniion, and Mr. Wrong would be involved in next.  

I really liked this book! Ms. Seduction did a great job of pulling me into the story and making me hate Ledaniion. LOL! Although his character did a phenomenal job of being an abuser, there were some mysteries about him that did not quite add up. This book was definitely a page-turner, but pieces of the plot left me somewhat confused. All-in-all, the story gave what it was supposed to give (LOL!), and I am anxiously waiting on Part 2.

Ms. Seduction's Himaholic Meets Mr. Wrong can be purchased on 

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