The month of February is officially: American Heart Health Month. Throughout the month of February, we reminded our website visitors and IG followers to take care of their hearts. We reminded everyone that they should make better choices with their diets and try their best to exercise and live as stress-free as possible. 

In honor of Heart Health Month, Penhandler's Ink re-introduced Penhandling4Purpose to the world. Penhandling4Purpose is the branch of the Penhandler's Ink tree that gives a voice to unpublished and published independent authors with positive uplifting stories of encouragement. The ability to write about and read about positivity helps with stress relief and has been proven to be therapeutic. 


1. Evidence in support of a fact or assertion; proof.
2. A public declaration regarding a religious experience.

This month, we want to use our editing and self-publishing consulting skills to provide a platform for independent writers who have life-changing testimonies that they would like to share with the world! Our goal is to fill as many hearts with joy and hope as possible. Why? Because we truly think the world needs to read something uplifting and positive, and we think there are writers or aspiring writers out there who have testimonies that can heal and change lives in a positive way.     

On MONDAY FEBRUARY 6, 2023, we will begin accepting one-paragraph submissions of positive and life-changing testimonies. Maybe someone you loved passed away due to COVID-19 or some other illness or unexpected incident, and you were able to find solace in a way you would like to share with others... Maybe you lost your job or struggled financially and your faith in God helped you to push through... Maybe you took a leap of faith that changed your life for the better, and you want the world to know how and why your faith is so strong... Maybe you found the love of your life in the strangest of places, or in the most unexpected way, and you want others to know that God has not forgotten them, and that HE is listening to their prayers, but they must be patient. Maybe a routine visit to the doctor revealed an underlying health condition, and that doctor's visit saved your life... or... Maybe you have had a rough journey in life, and you STILL wake up every morning with JOY! JOY! JOY! down in your heart, and you want to help others to find that type of peace and joy! Whatever your testimony is, please make sure you're honest and transparent because YOUR testimony may be the one to inspire someone to walk away from an abusive relationship or a job that makes them unhappy.

If your testimony is chosen, you will be sharing your full story in ebook and paperback book forms with readers all over the world. If chosen, you MUST have enough content to fill a 50-to-100-page book.


One-paragraph testimony (7-8 sentences MAX.) 

Provide ONLY the highlights of your testimony. We know that you cannot tell the entire story in 8 sentences. Tell us what adversity you endured and how you overcame it.                                                                                       

All submissions must be sent to: info@penhandlersink.net.                                  Deadline for Submissions: 2/19/2023 - 12:00 PM

The chosen writer or aspiring writer will be announced: 3/5/2023 (Via penhandlersink.net)



The writer we choose will receive FREE consultation from Penhandler's Ink to assist them in self-publishing their testimony on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. We will work with the writer to design a book cover, and we will cover the cost of the design. We will edit the book and format it to industry standard and discuss ways in which the book can be promoted. 

NOTE: The promotion of the book will be the responsibility of the writer, but Penhandler's Ink will offer guidance and suggestions. ALL proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the writer. Penhandler's Ink will appear as the Editing Consultant Company on the Introduction Page of the book. 



The "I've Got A Testimony" Contest winner is:

Mrs. Katrina Shaw


B2N2 Scraps: Monday Sneak Peek and Rewind

I found out during a global pandemic that I had a skull-based tumor.
 In August 2020, I started radiation therapy that lasted 6 weeks. The radiation was successful in stopping the growth of the tumor. However, a new tumor began to grow... right in the middle of my forehead. Going into 2021, I had brain surgery, and the surgeon found that the growth in my forehead was a plasmacytoma. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2021 and spent most of 2021 undergoing chemotherapy. During this whole time, I experienced little to no adverse side effects, was able to work, and enjoy time with my family. I am now in remission and standing on God’s word for complete healing. This is my story of faith.
-Katrina Shaw