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*We are currently working with the following genres ONLY: 

Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Mystery Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Erotic Romance, Romance, Urban Erotica, Women’s Fiction, Detective Fiction, Men and Women’s Spiritual, Horror Fiction, and Fiction (General… Penhandler’s Choice). Note: If your genre is not listed, please email us, and we may be able to point you in the right direction. We have worked with several other editors through the years, and they may be able to help you. 

Who We Are:

Penhandler’s Ink was born out of the need to have affordable editing, marketing, promotional, and consultative services available to first-time, self-published authors. We are a team of certified, high school and university-level English teachers, who have a passion for reading and writing. We possess the knowledge and resources to help our students make their stories come to life, and we wanted to share those talents with aspiring writers everywhere.  

Requirements to be accepted into our process: Manuscript MUST be 50% complete, author MUST have a vision for their story, author MUST be willing to accept constructive criticism, and author MUST BE SERIOUS about self-publishing their book.

What We Do:

When an author is accepted into our process, we will walk them through initial concept building, writing, editing, copyrighting, ISBN purchase (Paperback books), book cover design (3rd party contract) set-up of online account platform to sell books (Amazon, Book Baby, Barnes and Noble, Kobo/Walmart, Personal Website, etc.) author website, domain purchase, social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.), demographic/audience  identification, and how to connect to their audience through face-to-face opportunities (Book signings and vendor opportunities). 

*ASK ABOUT OUR $99 eBook ONLY Special (Note: Everyone does not qualify for this deal. Request a FREE consultation, and our team will provide you with more information.)


Editing and Pricing (Please note that every author does not require all of the services below. The initial reading of a manuscript will determine recommended services.) 


Developmental Editing: (Varies based on number of pages… Ex. 150- page book is typically $300+ depending on developmental suggestions.)

This type of editing involves content analysis, and it is substantive. We will provide detailed feedback on “big-picture” issues. We will refine ideas, shape the narrative, and help fix any major plot or character inconsistencies. Basically, we will look at just about every element of the manuscript and make suggestions as to what works and what does not. 


Editorial Assessment: ($50 for 150-page book. 151 pages and up $100+)

If the manuscript is not quite ready for a developmental edit, but the author still wants to get some feedback on it, we can read it and provide broad information.  We will suggest that the author may need to follow-up on story flow, plot development, timeline, etc. We will not make detailed suggestions, and we will not do any suggested re-writes. We also do not share the results with anyone but the author. This is a pre-book release review. Remember: This should be done before the manuscript is completed. We highly recommend this because it would be a waste of time for the author to complete the manuscript, and later find out that the story did not make sense or did not flow as well to the reader. The author would then have to return to square one. 


Structural Editing: ($125)

We focus on what structure works best for the author’s genre. Most authors know the elements and expectations for their genre therefore, we do not recommend this often. Most of these types of issues are caught during the developmental edit. However, we will suggest this type of edit if we see that the author likes to take their readers on a rollercoaster ride of twisting and turning with the plot. To clear up the unknown, and to ensure that the reader is engaged and does not become lost in the plot, we might suggest that the author split the story into more or fewer chapters/sections. We also might suggest what content should be deleted or added to either tighten up or fill out the structure. 


Copy Editing: ($125) We do NOT just use Spellcheck or Grammarly. We read your book and review everything below… page for page.  

  • Spelling 
  • Grammar 
  • Capitalization 
  • Word usage and repetition 
  • Dialogue tags 
  • POV/tense (to fix any unintentional shifts) 
  • Descriptive inconsistencies (Character descriptions, locations, blocking, etc.) 


Proofreading (Work must be complete): ($50)

We will print the manuscript and review it for errors that may have slipped through the developmental process. Please note that proofreading is basic, and we will only look for spelling, grammar, capitalization, and word repetition. We will not check character descriptions etc. 


Basic Formatting (This varies… $75+ typically for a 300-page book max.)

This is the final step to ensure that the book fits the requirements for e-book and print book sales platforms… Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.  

* Please note that synopsis writing, book cover designing, marketing, promotions, copyrighting, ISBN purchasing, platform development, and sales are important pieces to the self-publishing puzzle however, developing a well-written, edited, and developed manuscript is THE most important piece. Also, remember that we offer SELF-publishing services therefore, we expect the author to work WITH us as we assist them in preparing their story for the world to read. 

Approx. minimum budget: (This is what you should have on hand for ISBN purchase, book cover, copyright, etc.) $300… depending on the book cover choice. This price does NOT include any of the editing services above. 


* We do not charge for an initial consultation. Please feel free to email us at, and we can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.  

Business Hours:
Mon.-Fri. EST. 5pm-10pm Extended Hours: June & July 
We are available on Saturdays and Sundays for scheduled appointments ONLY.