Elijah R. Freeman

Elijah R. Freeman


As the CEO/Editor-in-Chief of Penhandler's Ink, I have witnessed quite a few novice self-published authors entering and quickly leaving the book game, but after three years of watching his hustle, I can confidently say that this Indie Author is here to stay!

Elijah R. Freeman's "outside the box" marketing skills and unwavering ability to fill the pages of his books with pure uncut rawness make it is impossible to not SEE him, and with pride, he champions the movement to "put some respeck" on the genre of Urban Fiction.

He is ALWAYS promoting and ALWAYS thinking of a "master plan" to prove that Urban Ain't Dead and that HE is The Future of Urban Fiction. 

Elijah R. Freeman, YOU are living proof that our present circumstances will only limit us if we allow them. Penhandler's Ink salutes you! Bravo! Keep "Penhandling" onward and upward. 


Elijah R. Freeman is from Riverdale, Georgia and is quickly becoming known as "The Future of Urban Fiction".

Having experienced the trenches on both the streets and behind the wall, he gives you specifics, a far cry from the general tales of hood life the Urban genre has become accustomed to. In 2011 he was inspired to write Urban Fiction after reading "Trust No Man" by LockDown Publications C.E.O., CA$H. After many rejected manuscripts, he signed with TMA, and in 2017 he released his debut novel, "To Live With No One To Love." Encouraged by his writing mentor Thomas Habersham (Author of "Circle of Death"), he enrolled in a correspondence course with Stratford Career Institute, and after obtaining his Creative Writing Diploma, he signed his first traditional contract alongside the Urban face who had inspired him as a juvenile.

He hopes to deliver a positive message to his generation in a way that they'll receive, and to prove without contradiction that Urban Fiction is alive and well.   

"​Writing was never my dream. I just found myself at a point in my life where it was all I had. The sky was the limit, and I reached for it," Freeman reveals.

Elijah R. Freeman is working hard on his second trilogy with Lockdown Publications and is building the brand for his own company, URBAN AINT DEAD.

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