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Ms. Seduction



Who is Ms. Seduction?

She is a “free spirit” whose love for the “sexually uninhibited” oozed its' way into the characters in her private erotic stories. Stories she never imagined would make it beyond her personal computer screen captured the attention of not one, but two publishing companies.   

In the fall of 2020, Ms. Seduction was chosen by publishing companies: Hyde Park Ink and Penhandler’s Ink, to participate in an anthology of erotic tales (Room 69: Freaky Tales). Inspired by the literary works of the owners of both companies; B’Shone and China, she didn’t hesitate to submit the first story in a novel she had been writing. That short story explicitly detailed several encounters in a fictional character’s “sex dungeon”, and it became known to the world as: Mistress Certified: Throat G.O.A.T.

It was no surprise to the publishing companies that her “over the top” tale would push the limits of the Urban Erotica genre and help Room 69: Freaky Tales climb into the top 5 on the Amazon Kindle New Release Charts (B.D.S.M. category). They believed in her vision from day one.

The success of that story also made it clear that Ms. Seduction was born to write. Unfortunately, unlike many other authors, she cannot simply sit at a computer for hours and pour thoughts onto the screen. For her, it is a challenge. She has a tumor in her head, and she is not ashamed to share her personal struggles with memory loss and focus. However, her determination and perseverance will not allow her to give up…

Shortly after the release of the erotic anthology, Ms. Seduction presented the entire book: Mistress Certified: Throat G.O.A.T. to Hyde Park Ink and officially joined their team. Her mind-blowing story of a B.D.S.M. Mistress (Throat G.O.A.T.) was released late-February 2021 after rave reviews from ARC book reviewers.

Just a few months later, she started her own publishing company; Camaja T. Publishing, and released her second book, Himaholic Meets Mr. Wrong. 

When she is not penning tales of lust and love, she is relaxing at her home in Sanford, FL with her three children. Ms. Seduction is also a bona fide hustler that successfully runs two businesses (Pure Romance and Total Life Changes) that encourage and support self-care for women and men. One of her businesses: Pure Romance, allows her to explore her sexuality on a grander scale while promoting and selling products that arouse the dormant “sex demon” in all who dare to indulge. It is no secret that Pure Romance products appear often in her stories because she will use anything to introduce readers to more pleasurable sexual experiences, and then strip them of their sexual inhibitions. Also, why not use one hustle to promote another? That’s what real hustlers do. Right? 

Ms. Seduction hustles her pen at book signings, Pure Romance parties, and anywhere else she feels readers, potential readers, or people just looking for products to satisfy their personal needs will be.

Her ability to successfully juggle multiple businesses is why Ms. Seduction is a Penhandler's Ink Self-Publishing Firm HIGHLIGHT. 

Ms. Seduction, we salute you! Bravo! Keep "Penhandling" onward and upward!


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