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B'Shone: How it All Starts (Tangled in a Lover's Web Prequel 1)

B'Shone: How it All Starts (Tangled in a Lover's Web Prequel 1)

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Prequel #1 to Tangled in a Lover’s Web. This story takes the reader on a journey into the complex mind and sordid past of the character; Travis Stewart Jr., and details... How It All Starts.

Travis Stewart Jr. is an eighteen-year-old with a heroin-addicted mother and father, a dying grandmother, and a little brother; Luther, who is solely dependent on him. When he starts to feel the pressure of carrying the weight of his entire family on his shoulders, he takes to the streets of his beloved Hyde Park neighborhood (The Short End) of Memphis, TN, in search of fast money and street credibility. Motivated by the need to take care of his broken family, Travis Jr. works the streets like a natural born hustler. Before long, he quickly becomes known for his willingness to do anything for money. With his right-hand man, Dawg at his side, he is untouchable. Angry and fearless, he embraces any trouble that finds him, and in some cases, he stalks the streets in search of it.

Unimpressed with the slow money of petty street hustling, Travis Jr. graduates to the game of “pimping”. Unfortunately, his decision is too late to stop the hit on his life. He made many enemies during his time in the streets, and under the assumption that he is being “headhunted” by local street killers, looking for a quick bag, he refuses to run. On the night that he planned to exit the street life permanently, he is hit with a major dilemma. To his surprise, help comes from the most unexpected place. However, the events of that night land Travis Jr. in a 6 X 9 cell, and at the mercy of everyone he trusts and loves. Unfortunately, his connections to the outside world eventually move on with their lives and leave him for dead.

Desperation and hopelessness turn into hate and revenge, and Travis Jr. begins to lose sight of reality. He creates an alter-ego in prison and begins to “write’’ himself out of his desolate conditions. As life beyond the walls continues to move on without him, bitterness consumes him, and he develops a love-hate relationship with his brother; Luther. To his dismay, the loyalty that he has to Luther forces him into a situation where he comes face-to-face with the “devil in the flesh”. A spur of the moment decision during that meeting, forces him into a world far more sinister than the Hyde Park streets that he is used to. His impulsive behavior had placed him under the rifle scope of wealthy white politicians…and he proves to be a worthy opponent.

Unbeknownst to Travis Jr., the aftermath of that fateful night would wreak havoc on his life for over a decade.

B’Shone…How It All Starts ends where the Tangled in a Lover’s Web story of betrayal and murder begins.

Will Travis kill Dawg and break Lacy’s heart? Or will Dawg kill Travis and leave his daughter; Laura-Anne, to grow up fatherless? Or will the “web” consume ALL of the “spiders” and collapse forever?

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