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Lacy: Caviar to Collard Greens (Tangled in a Lover's Web Prequel 2)

Lacy: Caviar to Collard Greens (Tangled in a Lover's Web Prequel 2)

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At the end of Tangled in a Lover’s Web: The Novel, one of the most memorable characters; LACY ANGEL BLAKE, was delivered shocking news about her family. Unfortunately, the devastating revelation had to take a backseat to the drama that was unfolding around her, the night her life changed forever. On that night, one fatal bullet put a nail in the coffin of two of her closest friendships and catapulted her into an identity crisis. Reluctantly, Lacy unlocked the doors to the parts of her mind that held captive the most painful memories of her childhood. Motivated by unanswered questions and anger, she gathered as much strength as she possibly could and hesitantly walked through the doors of her past.

Lacy had been adopted by a wealthy white family six hours after she was born. They raised her as their own and made sure that she had the best of everything. Her adopted parents assimilated her into white society and sheltered her from the world beyond the walls of their exclusive, River Oaks neighborhood. Throughout her childhood, she was given a false sense of “white privilege”. Unfortunately, that “privilege” was only given to her when she was under the watchful eyes of her parents. As she grew up, she started to feel the emptiness and isolation of being the only black person in her world. Lacy slowly realized that everything and everyone was not as it or they appeared to be. Then one day, reality came crashing down on her like a ton of bricks.

When Lacy was 15 years old, her aunt Hannah picked her up from school instead of her mother, and life after that was never the same. Something devastating happened, and her comfortable, care-free life was no more. Within two weeks, she said goodbye to her best friend; Victoria and was shipped off to a foster home in the predominantly black, Hyde Park neighborhood of North Memphis; the short end. Her new home, and the people she encountered there were foreign to her. She had never interacted with black people and struggled daily to fit in. Shortly after she settled into the foster home, she met her friend; Tresha, and found a small piece of joy in her dismal surroundings. That feeling was short-lived. Several incidents took place in Hyde Park that pushed her over the edge and landed her in a mental facility. What happened in Hyde Park? Where is LACY now?
As the story unfolds, Luther’s inability to control his inner demons of: Lust, Jealousy, Greed, and Deceit, along with Victoria’s internal battles with Revenge, Insecurity, and Mental Illness result in an unforgettable ending that solidifies the relationship between some of the “spiders”, and turns other “spiders” into vengeful enemies. In the end, deadly alliances are formed, and when the rain comes down, one “spider” will be washed away forever.

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