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Piano Keys: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Piano Keys: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

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35-year-old Literary Agent; Justice K. Benoit has had quite a life. For the first few years of his childhood, he travelled the world as a piano prodigy, but suddenly stopped. At the age of 10, he was performing on Christmas Eve in his hometown of Memphis, TN, and something tragic happened. Slowly, he succumbed to the guilt from the events of that night and allowed it to form a thick layer around his soul.

The piano and everything involved with it became a nuisance to him, so he erased it from his life and took on a new identity. Before he knew it, he was a recluse; alone and alienated from everyone who loved or tried to love him.

For 25 years, Justice donned a fake smile to push through daily activities, but he was dying on the inside. He desperately wanted to unwrap the guilty layers of his past and open his heart to love and life, but every time he tried, something seemed to go wrong, and he couldn’t understand why.

Miraculously, one Christmas Eve provides the life-clarity he didn’t know he needed. For others, the search for truth and understanding may never come, but for Justice K. Benoit: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

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