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Room 69: Freaky Tales

Room 69: Freaky Tales

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Synopsis: Room 69 is not a specific building or room. It is a state of mind. It is freedom from societal sexual constraints, a no judgment zone. Everywhere is a hotel room. Restaurant bathrooms, backseat of a car, grocery store parking lot, school, work, airplane, city bus, hospital, gas station, etc. Wherever and whenever the sexual urges arise, in Room 69, you can Do YOU and ANYONE else your heart desires and walk away guilt-free.

Room 69: Freaky Tales boasts contributions from five authors representing four states. B'SHONE: Late Night Creepin' (Tennessee), CHINA: Idle Hands (Georgia), VIDAL: If Walls Could Talk (Texas), LISSA RENEE: Chevy's Room (Texas), and MS. SEDUCTION: Mistress Certified-The Throat G.O.A.T. Chronicles 1 (Florida). Each author's story details an erotic experience from their perspective. As the stories transition from one to another, they range from a warped perception of love to an author's personal account of erotic experiences, to secrets, mystery, and infidelity in marriage, to an erotic paranormal fantasy, and finally, to untamed BDSM encounters that will make even the biggest "Freak" drop their jaws in pleasurable disbelief.
In a world where sexual expression is either frowned upon or praised, the characters in this book of Freaky Tales are unapologetic about where and how they express themselves sexually. Their licentious behavior is not chained or shackled because they are masters at the "Room 69" state of mind.

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