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Penhandler's Ink

Sex in the Dark

Sex in the Dark

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Former porn star turned escort to the elite; Evelyn D. White, is a hypnotic force to be reckoned with. Her flawless body, charm, beauty, and unmatched ability to seduce both men and women, are sought-after assets in her deadly game of DECEIT.

Determined to retire from the life of sex, lies, and buried secrets, Evelyn takes flights to major cities across the U.S., to network, seduce, and manipulate her “clients” for financial gain.

Unfortunately, not everyone allows themselves to be a puppet to Evelyn’s allure.
Jacob Pristine; a wealthy, married, millionaire, on the verge of a nasty divorce, shares an unforgettable night with Evelyn, and all was fair in lust and adultery until greed reared its ugly head in their business dealings. After losing a large sum of money to the sexy seductress, Jacob leaves no stone unturned to get it back. He is even willing to kill for it. Unbeknownst to him, Evelyn is a worthy opponent. She is a certified con artist who reinvented herself to create the life she thought she deserved, and she will protect her world by any means necessary.
Jacob's thirst for revenge and Evelyn's yearning for acceptance and "true love", eventually clash when she has a chance encounter with her high school crush and street hustler; Debo. However, the timing of their meeting could not be any more wrong. As the FEDS close in on the man Evelyn thinks is the love of her life, Jacob is also closing in on her. As the wolves in sheep's clothing surrounding Evelyn start to shed their disguises, she is shocked by what is revealed. Is Debo the love of Evelyn's life? What happens with the case the FEDS have against him? Will Evelyn's ability to sidestep trouble let her walk away from the fires she created without being burned? Or will her world come crumbling down around her when Jacob Pristine turns the lights on in her secret world of Sex in the Dark.


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