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Tangled in a Lover's Web: Part 1

Tangled in a Lover's Web: Part 1

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Memphis, TN, is the “Home of the Blues” in more ways than just music. So, it is no surprise that the wicked storms of Murder, Adultery, Revenge, and Dark Secrets rain down on the weary and desperate citizens of the “Bluff City”.

In the tale, Tangled in a Lover’s Web, Luther and Victoria Stewart, Malaysia Garrison-Tong, and Urban Fiction writer; B’Shone, become “spiders” caught up in the web of deceit. As they crawl in and out of each other’s lives, they leave a trail of destruction behind. Throughout the tale, they struggle to distinguish between “Love” and “Lust”.

Eventually, dark secrets are revealed and the web collapses. Will Luther and Victoria Stewart continue to be Tangled in a Lover’s Web, or will they find their way back to each other and honor their vows?

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