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Tangled in a Lover's Web Part 2: Web Collapsed

Tangled in a Lover's Web Part 2: Web Collapsed

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In Tangled in a Lover’s Web 1, the revelation of dark family secrets shattered the foundation of Luther and Victoria Stewart’s rocky marriage. In one fateful night, life as they knew it was completely altered and everything in their world was turned upside down.

In Tangled in a Lover’s Web 2: Collapsed Web, a “skeleton” falls out of what they thought was a locked “closet” and summons all four original “spiders”. Luther, Victoria, Travis, and Malaysia, as well new “spiders”; Lacy and Dawg, all return to the “web” to do what they do best, spin a tale so extraordinary that readers across the globe will rave about their unpredictable antics.

Collapsed Web follows Luther and Victoria Stewart into their “new normal” as they attempt to co-parent with unanswered questions about the baby’s paternity, navigate the rough waters of divorce, and build a bond with family members they never knew they had. In their never-ending struggle to successfully connect all of the branches to their joint family tree, they run into more drama than they could have ever imagined. After an inexplicable event rocks the Stewart’s world, they turn on each other, and the line between family and enemy becomes skewed.

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