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Tangled in a Lover's Web Part 3: Dawg vs. Travis

Tangled in a Lover's Web Part 3: Dawg vs. Travis

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At the end of Tangled in a Lover’s Web 2: Collapsed Web, an unexpected turn of events becomes the catalyst to a deadly “rainfall”, and some of the beloved “spiders” are washed away forever. The untimely demise of the fallen “spiders” weakens the strength of the “web”, and the lives of the Stewart, Walker, and Blake families will never be the same.
After another unforgettable funeral in the Tangled in a Lover’s Web series, the remaining “spiders” are left in mourning. However, their grief is short-lived because one of the “spiders”; Travis, has declared war against another “spider”; Dawg, and he will not stop until the man he once considered a brother is dead. The vengeful antics of the two “spiders” force Lacy into the middle of their deadly hunt, and the Stewart family feud begins.
As Travis and Dawg call on their crew of goons to help them fight, lifelong friends are forced to choose sides and defend themselves against people they once considered family.
Travis’ relentless thirst for Dawg’s blood leaves body bags all over their Hyde Park neighborhood, and no one is exempt from his wrath. As the hunt continues, alliances are formed, and unforgivable incidents take place that leave Travis questioning the loyalty of everyone around him.
Eventually, the former friends face-off, and the results of the epic shoot-out lead to an unforgettable ending.
One “spider” will return to the House on Monteigne Dr., but they may never leave, and for another “spider”, wedding bells will ring, but somehow the bride and groom’s big day becomes a Breaking News story.

Will Travis kill Dawg and break Lacy’s heart? Or will Dawg kill Travis and leave his daughter; Laura-Anne, to grow up fatherless? Or will the “web” consume ALL of the “spiders” and collapse forever?

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